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Are St Johns Wood Locksmiths Working During The Coronavirus Pandemic | COVID-19?

If you need to book a locksmith for any locks and keys issues, contact us even during the Coronavirus Pandemic!

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When you’re in need of local St Johns Wood locksmiths during the Coronavirus pandemic in St Johns Wood and local areas for lock change or you’ve locked yourself out, you will be pleased to know that most locksmiths are still operating to a certain extent. St Johns Wood remain operating a mobile locksmiths services with our locksmiths taking extra safety precautions for their own health and our customers alike.

Coronavirus and Emergency Locksmith Service: The majority of locksmiths across Greater London and the UK are continuing to offer their emergency services when needed for our Great British public as this is currently allowed under the current government restrictions. However some locksmiths including St Johns Wood Locksmiths, are changing the ways in which they operate, and as a result they may ask more questions before attending, and may also adhere to strict social distancing advice issued by the British government.

Locksmith Shops: Most shops are closed in order to combat Covid-19 to reduce its spread, and ours is no exception.

All our St Johns Wood locksmiths are currently taking special measures such as asking questions if the customer is self isolating, wearing protective equipment such as gloves and masks and adhering to social distancing advised to all.

Call 020 7060 4183 for your local locksmith technician in the following locations..

The majority of locksmiths who specialise in lockouts including our own St Johns Wood locksmith will most likely still operating for the time being until further notice. Most St Johns Wood locksmiths will take special measures and precautions such as increased cleaning.

We ask all customers to inform the locksmith if you are self isolating on their initial call to confirm the job details. This is for the safety of the locksmith, their families and our customers.

Measures You Can Take

Who is at high risk?

You may be at high risk from coronavirus if you:

What To Do If You Have Symptoms

Continue to stay at home if you have either:

St Johns Wood Locksmiths do remain open for callouts, our technicians are taking extra precautions such as wearing gloves and masks for the protection of everyone.


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